Synthetic Urine Guide

Benefits of a Whizzinator

A whizzinator is a product that helps you to lie your way through urine tests by having some synthetic urine ready which you will then submit to the doctor for tests. The  Whizzinator Touch  made by Massive Dynamics is commonly used by sports guys so that they do not get banned from their profession because they used some unacceptable substances that are illegal. A whizzinator comes with several things inside it and the most important one is a fake look alike for male genitals, a syringe for filling the synthetic urine reservoir, some heat packs and finally the fake urine itself. What you do when you are up for a test is you put it on, and you give the urine to the person administering the test.

Wearing it is simple because it has some straps on which you use to tie the prosthetic to yourself which allows you to more easily operate the whizzinator with one hand. This feature makes it quite convenient for the user. You do not want something that is too difficult to put on and use. This device comes with some instructions on how to use it which can be easily understood by anyone. When you are up for a test just squeeze the fake male genital to release the urine. Whizzinators are available for both genders although the male version is the most commonly known and famous. The heating packs heat up the urine to the right temperature so that it can pass for real urine and you will not get caught.

A  whizzinator is strapped onto your waist line just like the normal reproductive male organ using the straps which are made from top notch materials and will not harm your body in any way like leaving marks on you and the like. This device is also manufactured to cater to people of various races since the fake genitalia comes in different skin tones to match up with the color of your skin. If for example, you are dark, you will choose one that is dark. Most people who have used Female Whizzinator in the past have successfully passed urine tests, and this means that this product is of good standards and quality.